Navy Cargo Handling Battalion FIVE





Civil Engineering

Land Surveying

Structural Engineering


LEED Silver

8,905 sf administrative building

5,691 sf vehicle maintenance facility

AT/FP compliant

Building, site design, and landscape meet complex Anti-Terrorism/Force Protection (AT/FP) standards.

The new $6.35M Navy Cargo Handling Battalion FIVE, delivered via design/build was designed to LEED Silver standards and is comprised of two structures: a new 8,905 sf administrative building and 5,691 sf vehicle maintenance facility.

Both new buildings are pre-engineered steel building frame construction with conventional shallow foundations. Windows, including the glazing, frames, and supporting structural elements and their connections were structurally designed to meet the blast resistant requirements of AT/FP.

The new buildings and associated improvements were laid out with great consideration to tree preservation. Trees over 12” diameter outside of the 10 meter force protection Unobstructed Space were required to be retained. AHBL’s land surveyors provided a topographic survey and identified the size and type of trees on the site. AHBL then located the buildings and infrastructure on the 3.85 acre site with the goal of saving and protecting as many trees as possible.

The stormwater runoff for the site is infiltrated on-site due to the pervious, sandy and gravel soils. The stormwater design achieves LEED Sustainable Sites credits with a bioswale treating runoff from the parking lot and service yard prior to entering the infiltration pond. Utilities included a water main extension from the adjacent site and also a sanitary sewer extension to the site from I Street.

The design for the landscape satisfies all needs for circulation, including pedestrian connection and vehicle access, as well as SDD. Lawn is minimized and the use of Western Washington native prairie grasses that require no watering or mowing is utilized outside the building envelope to the greatest extent possible.