Badger Mountain South Master Planned Community

Richland, WA




Civil Engineering

Community Planning

Land Surveying


Amended the Land Use Designation Regulations (LUDR) to make property more attractive to developers

Changes focused on making development more economical and sustainable

Lot sales increased approximately 50% after new LUDR was adopted

Providing design and permitting for remaining undeveloped properties

This 1,480 acre development is envisioned to be a walkable, sustainable community.

This multi-phase/year build-out development is planned to include more than 5,000 new homes ranging from single-family homes and townhomes to condos and other multi-family units. In addition to neighborhood schools and more than 400 acres of connected trails, parks and community gathering spaces, the development will also feature a variety of upscale retail center and restaurants to meet the needs of the surrounding residents.

AHBL took over the project in 2013 to help the owner make the property more attractive to developers. AHBL began by substantially relaxing the requirements in the Land Use Designation Regulations (LUDR), the set of codes governing development of the 1,480 acre master planned community. Changes included reduction in roads with no direct lot access; removal of alley requirements; eliminating unnecessary road connections; and switching from large stormwater ponds to smaller, site specific facilities that utilize infiltration where feasible. AHBL’s changes focused on making development more economical as well as sustainable. As a result, West Vineyard, the first phase of construction under the new LUDR, saw lot sales increase approximately 50%. By regularly attending planning commission and city council meetings, AHBL was able to get the LUDR adopted approximately 6 months earlier than the City anticipated. AHBL continues to provide design and permitting services for the remaining undeveloped properties.

When completed, the project is planned to include:

  • 142 acres of single-family large lots
  • 553 acres of urban-sized single-family lots
  • 155 acres of multi-family residential
  • 205+ acres of greenway parks
  • 48+ acres of small parks added to neighborhoods as subdivisions develop
  • 36+ acres of future City of Richland Community and Neighborhood Parks
  • 22+ acres of greenbelts
  • 18+ miles of trails, including paved, gravel and equestrian links
  • 4 neighborhood school sites
  • Community storage site
  • Playfields, picnic areas, dog parks, and other outdoor areas