Integrating LID into Local Codes

Puget Sound, WA


Municipal Planning

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LID guidance

Trained local government staff

Prepared educational graphics

The importance of the Guidebook was recognized through its listing within the Phase I and Phase II Western Washington NPDES Municipal Stormwater Permits.

AHBL prepared LID guidance to communities in Western Washington through a contract with the Puget Sound Partnership. In 2011, AHBL staff authored Integrating LID into Local Codes: A Guidebook for Local Governments. This work was spurred by decisions by the Central Puget Sound Pollution Control Hearings Board which required that Ecology mandate the use of LID in the reissuance of the Western Washington Phase I and Phase II NPDES Municipal Stormwater Permits. The new NPDES permit requirements necessitated that local governments integrate both structural and non-structural LID best management standards into local codes and standards. The Guidebook prepared by AHBL is a step-by-step guide on the process of identifying impediments in local codes to the use of LID practices. In addition to the preparation of the Guidebook, AHBL staff trained local government staff and solicited public comments on the Guidebook. at meetings in Mount Vernon, Poulsbo, Tacoma, and Vancouver.

AHBL’s work also involved the development of technical illustrations for the Manual for practices such as bioretention, pervious pavement, curb details, hydrologic cycle, and vegetated roofs. The manual provides stormwater managers and site designers with a common understanding of LID goals, objectives, and specifications for individual practices, and flow reduction credits that are applicable to the Puget Sound region.