Eastside Community Center

Tacoma, WA



Parks/Recreation/Open Space


Civil Engineering

Land Surveying


LEED Silver, Award-Winning, MetroParks Tacoma, ALTA Survey and Topographic Survey, Wetland Delineation

Working with a variety of public agencies and design firms, AHBL provided civil design services for the newly opened Eastside Community Center in Tacoma. The 55,000 sf facility houses a variety of public spaces including a swimming pool, sports and fitness areas, and meetings rooms among other programmed spaces. AHBL provided civil engineering services which included preparing the storm drainage plan and offsite frontage improvements.

To evaluate and implement the necessary traffic reconfiguration, civil engineers researched all roads surrounding the site, the bus loop, teacher parking, and student drop-off access, and the traffic from the National Guard office nearby. We also designed the future parking and site circulation for the new community center, making our team particularly familiar with the future traffic and pedestrian needs in the area. To accommodate these needs, we redesigned the driveway approach to the school parking lot on E 52nd Street, and processed a work order for a
pedestrian crossing on the south side of the site.

Prior to the project, AHBL’s survey team completed a comprehensive survey on the site, including an ALTA Survey and topographic survey totalling 30 acres. Utility locations were determined, along with Right-of-Way data.