Vista Heights Subdivision

King County & Auburn, WA




Civil Engineering

Community Planning

Land Surveying


Subdivision with Views of Auburn valley and Mount Rainier

Site Complicated by Steep Slopes

Complicated Permitting Process

This complex project is comprised of 131 lots located in Auburn and unincorporated King County.

Located on a bluff on Auburn’s west hill, this single-family residential subdivision features prominent views of the Auburn valley and Mount Rainier. The Auburn portion of the project is a plat comprised of 107 lots and includes a site design oriented around the steep slopes. The slopes were cut as much as possible to maximize the view potential of all lots. Lock & Load ™ walls were designed in certain areas with heights as much as 20 feet. The King County portion of the project is comprised of 24 lots located across the street from the Auburn plat. The property was platted in 1911 and was recognized by King County as existing legal lots. AHBL helped coordinate the permit approval process through two separate jurisdictions simultaneously.