Camp Murray Primary Entry Gate & Roadway

Camp Murray, WA





Civil Engineering

Land Surveying

Structural Engineering


4,000 LF of new roadway

AT/FP requirements

Bio-retention swales

New entry location eases congestion and provides safer access.

Formerly situated between Interstate 5 and American Lake, this project relocated the main gate access to Camp Murray to the intersection of Portland Avenue and Boundary Road. The Washington Military Department entrusted a team, including AHBL, to provide design for approximately 4,000 linear feet of new roadway, a guard shack, security station, and gate canopy. 

AHBL's design for the roadways are in compliance with Pierce County Emergency Vehicle Access requirements. Roads are sloped to one side to allow stormwater runoff to sheet flow from the paved surface into adjacent bio-retention swales.  Asphalt wedge curbs were also designed in sensitive areas to convey the runoff from the pollution generating surfaces outside of critical area buffers for treatment. 

AHBL's structural scope of work involved the design of a new 2,300 square foot entry canopy structure and miscellaneous site features. The entry canopy required close coordination with the owner and architect in order to meet aesthetic and programming requirements.  The site features (fencing, gates and defensive walls and bollards) were also designed to meet the appearance and programming requirements as well as satisfy current Anti-Terrorism/Force Protection (AT/FP) guidelines and in accordance with the Department of Defense Unified Facilities Criteria (UFC) relating to entry control facilities (UFC 4-022-01).