Satsop Development Park Master Plan

Elma, WA


Municipal Planning


Civil Engineering

Community Planning

Land Surveying


Master plan to add 5,000 jobs

Facilitated public involvement process

Boundary & toppographic survey

The Grays Harbor Public Development Authority's mission is to develop and market the Satsop Development Park to provide up to 5,000 jobs for the local economy.

AHBL worked with the Grays Harbor Public Development Authority (GHPDA) on the development of a Master Plan for the Satsop Development Park. The Satsop Development Park comprises 1,600 acres located in Grays Harbor County that includes approximately 500 acres of developable area and 1,100 acres of Wildlife Mitigation Area.  The site is the location of a former Washington Public Power Supply System (WPPSS), a failed nuclear power facility.  The extensive infrastructure that was developed for WPPSS remains intact and available for development.   

Phase I activities included evaluating the site’s strengths, weaknesses and opportunities; preparing a conceptual-level Master Plan; developing Plan policies; and preparing individual site plans and marketing materials.  For Phase II of the project, we refined the Master Plan to include development standards and zoning regulations, and facilitated the public involvement process for adoption of the Plan by Grays Harbor County.  Phase II also included evaluation of existing utilities and design of improvements; preparation of an EIS and renegotiation with Washington State Fish and Wildlife on the boundaries and allowable uses in the Wildlife Mitigation Area.  Phase III involved implementation measures such as assisting the GHPDA with their marketing efforts, assisting new tenants and users with site planning, and designing infrastructure improvements.

Our land surveyors provided a boundary and topographic survey of the entire site.  We also worked with a wetland biologist to delineate the wetlands on site.