Bremerton Green Streets

Bremerton, WA




Civil Engineering


“Green Street” improvements along 10 blocks

700 LF of new porous concrete sidewalk along the Kiwanis Park frontage

Curb extensions serve dual function of traffic calming and rain gardens.

Funded by the Department of Ecology, this project seeks to provide enhanced water quality treatment along along 5 blocks of both 4th and 5th Streets from Kiwanis Park to Warren Avenue. AHBL prepared roadway plans and details for the construction of curb extensions and traffic circles designed to serve as rain gardens. Some curb bulb outs also feature pervious pavers to reduce maintenance. The stormwater curb extensions provide the added benefit of improved pedestrian safety near Kiwanis Park by creating safe, accessible crossings while enhancing the neighborhood with trees and plantings.

In keeping with the sustainable approach to design, 700 linear feet of porous concrete sidewalk was also designed for Kiwanis Park's frontage.  In total, this project removed over 34,000 sf of impervious paving and disconnected several catch basins from the sewer system helping to reduce the combined sewage overflow during major rain events.