Pendleton Place

Bremerton, WA



Multifamily Residential


Civil Engineering

Landscape Architecture


Supportive Housing

Mental Healthcare

Site Grading

Pedestrian and Vehicular Access

Grading Access

Storm Facilities

Infiltration Pond

Erosion Control

Kitsap County's first permanent supportive housing

Kitsap County’s first permanent supportive housing complex houses up to 72 adults with chronic mental illness and chronic substance use, bringing stability, and increased opportunities to engage in treatment, healthcare, and employment services. AHBL served as the civil engineer and landscape architect for the steeply sloped 1.66-acre site.

With 50 feet of elevation change across the site, pedestrian and vehicular access required detailed and thorough grading plans. Requiring early site clearing, grading, and erosion control permits to allow earthwork to proceed, the new building steps up the site with grade access provided to multiple floor levels. Additional storm facilities included treatment and an infiltration pond to eliminate discharge to the adjacent state highway right-of-way.

Teaming Partners