Horsehead Bay Estate

Gig Harbor, WA


Estate Gardens


Landscape Architecture


Outdoor Kitchen

Dining terrace

Native and adapted plantings

7,500 bulbs

Inspired by lush forests, mountain streams and alpine meadows, the client's love for the outdoors drove the design for this garden.

Located on approximately 2.4 acres, layers of plantings help to dissolve the appearance of three separate lots and enhance privacy. A meandering stream connects the garden. Starting at the office terrace, the stream runs past the front entry where a stone bridge crosses it. The stream then winds around the house and along the terraces and finally disappears as the view to the Olympics becomes center stage. Several bridges cross the winding stream to access the dining terrace, fire pit, outdoor shower and play lawn. Ferns, saxifrage and astilbe edge the stream. A national park inspired shelter houses the outdoor kitchen. Beautiful woodland forests encompass the perimeter with layers of lush native and adapted plantings. A dogwood forest is covered with delicate flowers in spring. Sculptures by local artist Sue Skelly are seamlessly incorporated throughout the garden. From spring to early summer, over 7,500 bulbs provide continual, ephemeral surprises.