We always seek to grow and change with our industry, and love to share our learning with our peers, the public, and aspiring A/E/C professionals.  

Stormwater Management at Cental Kitsap High School, Doreen Gavin, AP Environmental Science Central Kitsap High, fall 2017

Determining Stormwater BMP Infiltration Rates, Washington State Municipal Stormwater Conference, spring 2017

New Low Impact Development (LID) Requirements for Western Washington, American Institute of Architects Southwest Washington, winter 2016

Synthetic Fields: Exploring Options for a Modern Playfield, David Nason, American Institute of Architects Southwest Washington, summer 2015

Tacoma’s Top 4 Bikeways Presentation, Tim Hansen, APWA Conference, spring 2015

Stormwater Retrofit Planning: A Tale of Two Basins, Doreen Gavin, APWA Conference, spring 2015

Anti-Terrorism Force Protection (ATFP), Drew McEachern and Todd Sawin, American Institute of Architects, winter 2015

A Case Study in Smart Streets: Complete + Artful + Livable, Doreen Gavin, American Public Works Association, spring 2014

Pacific Avenue Streetscape, Society of American Military Engineers, winter 2013