Montlake Residence

Seattle, WA


Estate Gardens


Landscape Architecture


Galvanized Steel Arbors

Outdoor Fireplace

Water Wall

Located in the Montlake neighborhood of Seattle, this residence merges traditional and modern architecture

The garden provides the physical and visual link to the two styles of architecture. The garden architecture is bold and embraces modern construction materials and is made rich with a complex planting scheme. The garden is designed to provide outdoor living and play space and is covered with galvanized steel arbors and garlanded with white flowering wisteria. An outdoor fireplace warms the family into the evenings and it is surrounded by a verdigris translucent shell that is lighted from the interior. A water wall and pool separates the eating and lounging areas and is traversed with granite planks. The east garden is separated from the street by a perforated metal fence. A sculptural granite pool enlivens the space and the pool is backed by an acrylic panel that is illuminated in the evenings.