Hazel's Creek Drainage and Conservation Area

Spokane, WA


Municipal Planning

Parks/Recreation/Open Space

Sustainable Design


Community Planning

Landscape Architecture


Updated Draft Master Plan and prepared final master plan documents and graphics

Planting and irrigation design

Designed interpretive signage for project entrances, logos for LID interpretive markers, and interpretive brochure

Hazel’s Creek introduces an integrated approach to stormwater management in the City of Spokane.

Historically in Spokane, the public has been prohibited from accessing regional stormwater management facilities. The opposite is true at Hazel’s Creek where community recreation and education opportunities, natural wetlands and wildlife enhancements, and demonstration of LID techniques will be combined with constructed stormwater wetlands and a detention and infiltration system that will manage the sub-basin’s stormwater runoff.

AHBL assisted the City of Spokane with an update of the Draft Hazel’s Creek Regional Drainage and Conservation Area Master Plan and design of phase 1 pedestrian improvements. AHBL provided several presentations  to City staff and the public regarding the project and its development process. A design charrette was held with the local neighborhood residents and adjacent high school. The project was also presented to the City of Spokane Design Review Board.

As part of our scope of work, AHBL developed conceptual design, design development and bid documents. AHBL worked with the City to develop graphic and written content for the Hazel’s Creek Web Site. The entire project interpretation is built around a concept of using mobile devices (cell phones) to scan “QR” barcodes that automatically bring up a web page with detailed information about a particular LID strategy, site history, or stormwater narrative. We also completed a maintenance manual targeted towards the City Wastewater Department who will be maintaining the site.