Eastern Washington LID Guidance Manual

Eastern Washington


Municipal Planning

Sustainable Policy Development


Civil Engineering

Community Planning


LID guidance

Educational outreach

Prepared illustrations, graphics, and sketches

Manual provides stormwater managers and site designers a new set of tools for land development.

The Eastern Washington Low Impact Development Guidance Manual (LID Manual) was the collaborative product of Spokane County, the Washington State Department of Ecology, Washington State University, the Washington Stormwater Center, the Eastern Washington Phase II Municipal Stormwater Permittees and AHBL.

The LID Manual provides technical guidance for the design and sizing of LID practices to meet the Department of Ecology's 2004 Stormwater Management Manual for Eastern Washington. It also establishes goals, objectives, and design criteria for individual LID practices to achieve the flow reduction and water quality treatment standards for eastern Washington. AHBL prepared chapters covering Intent of LID Best Management Practices; Planning for Low Impact Development; LID Design Process; Design Fact Sheets; and Appendices.

Our scope of work also included providing educational outreach to eastern Washington jurisdictional staff, consultants, and elected officials on the contents of the draft LID Manual.

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