UW Tacoma Milgard Hall

University of Washington Tacoma, WA


Higher Education


Civil Engineering

Community Planning

Land Surveying


Cross-laminated timber

Two new 80-seat classrooms

Energy-efficient construction

Awards & Recognition


Opportunities for UW Tacoma students expands with Milgard Hall

To accommodate increased enrollment in the Milgard School of Business, AHBL provided civil engineering, surveying, and land use planning on Milgard Hall, the 55,000 SF, three-story building that provides additional labs, classrooms, and collaborative spaces. Clad with predominantly masonry materials, the building is constructed using cross-laminated timber, which is a wood panel product made by gluing together layers of lumber. The timber has a lighter carbon footprint and less embodied energy, making it a more sustainable and cost-effective product. Located adjacent to the Snoqualmie Library Building and the Prairie Line Trail on a portion of the Cragel Parking Lot, its design and location are a nod to modern urban design and Tacoma’s rich lumber and rail history.

Owner: University of Washington Tacoma

Architect: Architecture Research Office

Contractor: Andersen Construction