Garage + Storage

Spanaway, WA




Civil Engineering

Community Planning

Land Surveying


19 acres

214 storage units

40,000 sf of pervious concrete

Storage facility with a variety of amenities to create community atmosphere.

The Garage Plus Storage Facility in the Spanaway area of Pierce County, popularly advertised as “Man Caves,” includes 214 units ranging from 320 sf to 990 sf for storage of RV’s, classic cars, boats, and ATV’s on 19 acres. With amenities like a car wash and clubhouse, this storage facility was designed with a community atmosphere and ample space to host gatherings like the classic car shows.

To manage stormwater on the site, AHBL designed 40,000 sf of pervious concrete. The use of pervious concrete allowed the owner to develop as much of the site as possible without exceeding the percent impervious threshold. The increase in developable land allowed the owner to build more units for resale, thus increasing the owner’s rate of return on the project.