Virginia Mason Medical Clinic On-Call

Seattle, WA




Structural Engineering


On-call structural engineering

Emergency response services

Minor remodels & renovations

AHBL has become Virginia Mason's go-to firm for structural engineering.

AHBL’s relationship with Virginia Mason Medical Clinic started many years ago. AHBL completed several studies on the various buildings on their campus and cataloged the as-built drawings for future reference. Over time, AHBL became so familiar with Virginia Mason’s facilities that they considered AHBL their “archives." AHBL completes task orders on an on-call basis that are typically small in scope. The task orders typically involve adapting the existing facilities at their downtown Seattle campus to the changing needs of the health care market. 

Projects have included:
  • Downtown Campus Seismic Study
  • Buck Pavilion Emergency Power Study
  • 4th Floor Tape Storage Unit Install
  • New Data Server Room 
  • Data Wiring
  • Lindeman Piping Seismic Bracing
  • Baronesse Hotel Remodel
  • New CT Scan Installation
  • Diabetes Office Alterations
  • Pediatrics DTC Relocation
  • Elevator Install 
  • Visual Assessment of Garage Roofs
  • 5th Floor Surgical Suite Remodel 
  • Baroness Hotel Tenant Improvements