Spokane Spotlight: Former Mining Operation Reclaimed to Develop Conservation Campus

The Spokane Conservation District (SCD) seeks to develop and implement programs which protect and conserve our natural and renewable resources. In the spring of 2017, the SCD purchased the former Spokane Rock Products facility and saw an opportunity to "reclaim” the property in the name of conservation.  

The 50-acre site served as a mine operation for over 40 years, and produced rock and gravel used in the construction of the Spokane Valley and beyond. By returning the site to a more natural state, the project will provide green spaces for the urban community while creating more suitable habitats for wildlife. The finished campus will offer unique opportunities for the Spokane community and local partners including outdoor learning, recreation, and interpretive trails. 

AHBL’s Spokane office partnered with Integrus Architecture to create a masterplan for a 5-phased approach to development that would create a campus to house the organizations offices and field operations. 

Erick Fitzpatrick, AHBL Principal and civil engineer, stated, “Spokane Conservation District embraces the importance of creating a campus that acknowledges the history of the site, as well as being sensitive to the value of the property and its unique geology, hydrology, wildlife, and the contribution it will make to this urban neighborhood.” AHBL seeks out and embraces these types of projects for their close alignment to our core values of sustainability, creativity in our solutions and enhancing the Spokane community where our team lives and works.  

This innovative project honors the site’s history, while looking forward to a more sustainable future. Phase II of the project was recently approved for $3M in funding from the Washington Economic Revitalization Board. 

Learn more about the project and the work of the Spokane Conservation District on their website

AHBL is providing civil engineering and landscape architecture design services.  

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