Seattle Office – Living Our Core Values of Visibility in Our Communities

AHBL’s Seattle Team Members look for ways to live out our core values of being respected and visible in our communities. Our Team Members engage with community projects that service the community at large.

On July 16, several Seattle team members and friends repacked bulk oatmeal into smaller portions for distribution to those in need at the Food Lifeline Warehouse in Seattle.

In addition to volunteering at the warehouse, AHBL raised over $4,000 as part of our company-wide fundraiser.

AHBL has partnered for the last 13 years with Food Lifeline for the significant impact they have on our communities including serving more than 1.3 million people experiencing hunger, of which 33% were children. Through their network of food pantries, meal programs, and shelters, they provide 282,000 meals every day! 

Another organization that our Seattle office is engaged with is the NAIOPWA Community Enhancement Committee which is partnering with Seattle Public Schools this fall for the Washington Middle School’s 2022 Community Enhancement Project on October 1, 2022.  

Last year we worked with over 200 volunteers at NAIOPWA’s 2021 project to install a split rail fence at the Auburn Valley YMCA; constructed a new outdoor amphitheater; built 20 new picnic tables and provided landscaping and tree pruning.

If you want to volunteer for the Washington MS Community Enhancement project, sign up here

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