AHBL Celebrates 50 Years!

This year, we celebrate the history and legacy of the company Noel Adams founded way back when – the company that would become AHBL, Inc. Since our inception as a one-person operation offering structural engineering, we have grown to more than 125 strong. Over the years, we added civil engineering, community planning, land survey, and landscape architecture to our repertoire, creating a multidisciplinary environment where results happen. As our story unfolded, we spread out across the map, first to Seattle, then to Spokane and Tri-Cities.

To kick-off AHBL's 50-year celebrations, we celebrated across all four of our offices as a unified team. Remarks were made by Doreen Gavin, AHBL's President with reflection on AHBL's legacy and continued mission to serve its clients and communities.

Over the coming months, we will celebrate the journey – fifty years of remarkable experience and unforgettable memories. We reflect on the people who made it possible, not only our founding partners and principals, but every individual who has joined their story with our own in the pursuit of excellence, including our employees past and present, our clients, our project partners, our families, and our friends. Gratitude is our common theme, and that’s unlikely to change over the next fifty years.

Read more about AHBL's company history here.

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