Central Kitsap High School & Middle School

Central Kitsap School District, Silverdale, WA

Occupied 59-acre site requires significant landscape and stormwater design to accommodate grade changes.


K-12 Schools


Civil Engineering

Land Surveying

Landscape Architecture


59-acre site with 100 ft change in elevation

Construction on an occupied site

New synthetic turf fields

Four stormwater ponds

Occupied 59-acre site requires significant landscape and stormwater design to accommodate grade changes.

AHBL is providing civil engineering, landscape architecture, land survey, and land use planning services to replace the existing Central Kitsap High School and Middle School, which currently occupy the same site as the replacement school. The project is phased to allow the middle and high school to remain open throughout construction, requiring significant coordination between stakeholders to complete the project safely and on time.

The 59-acre site has a 100 foot change in elevation, which required our engineers to balance the earthwork within the limits of each phase. Five retaining walls are located throughout the site to accommodate the grade change. AHBL’s civil engineers worked with our in-house landscape architects, as well as the architect, geotechnical engineer and structural engineer to coordinate the design of the earthwork and retaining walls. The landscape architects built a model to demonstrate the design plans for the grade change.

AHBL’s landscape architects designed plans to include a new football/soccer field with synthetic turf and track, field lighting and seating for 1,500 spectators, one baseball field, one softball field, one soccer field, and eight tennis courts. The middle school will have a multi-purpose athletic field and track.

AHBL’s civil engineers designed a series of catch basins and pipes to capture and convey stormwater to four stormwater ponds. The first pond is a combination wet pond/detention pond that provides treatment and discharge for the athletic fields and high school parking lots. Pond two is an infiltration/detention pond with a controlled release to the storm main that will provide flow control for the new high school parking areas and bus loading and unloading areas. Bioretention facilities and filter vaults will provide pretreatment. Pond three is an infiltration/detention pond. Pond four provides flow control for the school buildings, courtyards, and the new middle school parking and drives.

Construction of the school will be complete in fall 2019. AHBL's President Doreen Gavin gave a presentation about the stormwater design to the school's AP Environmental Science Class.

Image Credit: Integrus Architects