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AHBL provides leadership and innovation in the comprehensive application of sustainable principles to public and private projects. Our firm embraces a responsibility to contribute to our region through projects that foster its environmental health and vitality. We work together to achieve sustainable initiatives through projects involving:

  • Sustainable Public Policy Development
  • Low Impact Development / Stormwater Management
  • LEED Certified Buildings
  • Washington Sustainable Schools Protocol (WSSP)
  • Comprehensive Sustainability Master Plans

For more information on AHBL's sustainable projects, please visit the LEED or Low Impact Development sections of our portfolio.

Internally, AHBL takes part in several activities to support the green building community and protect the environment. Whether we're attending a USGBC meeting or establishing a Green Team to refine operating procedures, we're constantly looking for ways to use less and give more. AHBL's corporate activities include:

  • 15 LEED Accredited Professionals
  • Presented over 30 Low Impact Development educational presentations
  • Member of USGBC
  • AHBL staff serves on steering committees for Federal Way Green Ribbon Commission & Tacoma/Olympia Branch of the Cascadia Green Building Council
  • Volunteering at Environmental Restoration Events
  • Recycling Programs
    • Battery Recycling Drive
    • Mixed Recycling Bins
    • Cell Phone Recycling
  • Green Purchasing
    • Recycled Paper
    • Reusable Grocery Bags
    • Reusable Coffee Mugs
  • Weekly Green Articles Posted on Intranet
  • Commute Trip Reduction Program