Hailey Apartments Break Ground in Tacoma

Groundbreaking festivities were held Friday, October 20, 2017 in celebration of a new $40 million mixed-use project that will be known as the Hailey Apartments. This new complex will sit at 1210 Tacoma Avenue South, and has served as a parking lot for the Tacoma Public Library’s downtown branch. This new development will include a total of 166 housing units; 34 of which are affordable housing units. The complex will also include ground level retail, and will open in the spring of 2019.

AHBL is providing civil engineering, structural engineering, landscape architecture, and land surveying services for this project, which was designed by Studio 19. This seven-story mixed-use facility includes two levels of underground parking.

Our land surveyors performed a topographic survey which located existing features, including utilities.

Our civil scope of work required frontage improvements along Tacoma Avenue South, and includes new bus parking bulbouts, curb, gutter, sidewalk, and ADA ramps. Due to poor site soils, and concern with compromising the underground parking structure, stormwater will be collected and conveyed to the City’s stormwater system.

AHBL’s structural engineers worked with the design team to develop an efficient and cost effective structural system for the building. The upper residential levels consist of 5 floors of conventional wood framed construction, while the lowest residential level, as well as the retail and parking levels are constructed with concrete. At these levels, the floor framing is constructed with post tensioned concrete slabs, which are supported on conventional concrete bearing walls and columns.

To accommodate the underground parking structure our structural team also worked closely with the contractor to design the shored excavation for the project. The shoring system consists of conventional soldier pile walls along three sides, along with a soil nail shoring system along the western end of the site.

The overall intent of our landscape design was to contribute to the aesthetic environment of the City and provide green spaces that help reduce stormwater runoff, and filter pollution. Our design preserves existing trees, and adds new trees and ground cover. The complex will included two rooftop gardens that will feature dining and lounge spaces.

You can read more about what City officials have to say about the project in this press release from the City of Tacoma.

Image credit: Studio 19

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