New Browns Point Elementary School Breaks Ground

Groundbreaking events took place Thursday, October 5 for the replacement of the existing Browns Point Elementary School.

Students will attend classes in the existing Browns Point Elementary School while their new, $36.8 million school is being built on what was once the school’s tennis courts.

As the structural engineer for this 56,000 sf, two-story school, it was our primary objective to ensure the building incorporated the district’s vision for student-centered, flexible spaces. The facility features a 6,000 sf combination gym/commons area. Due to the large volumes and long spans at this area, the gym/commons will be framed with a conventional steel framed system. The roof will include light gage metal deck spanning between pre-engineered open web joists, with the roof joists supported by structural steel columns and load bearing masonry walls.

The building’s structural system consists primarily of conventional structural steel framing. Similar to the gym and commons, the roof will involve light gage metal deck spanning between wide flange joists and pre-engineered open web joists. The roof and floor framing will be supported by structural steel columns, and exterior and interior walls will consist of non-loadbearing light gage stud walls. 

Do you want to see what the building will look like? Check out this amazing building animation by the project’s architect, TCF Architecture

Image credit: TCF Architecture

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