University Y Student Center Earns National DBIA Award

AHBL provided civil engineering and land surveying services for this 70,238 square foot YMCA located on the University of Washington Tacoma campus. The new three-story building covers the majority of the one acre site. Because a majority of the site is utilized by the facility, we wanted to ensure a well-connected network of circulation throughout. Our solution was to provide an exterior elevator on the south side of the building, providing an accessible exterior route from Court D to Market Street, and maintaining an accessible core pedestrian route for UWT students.

Because the site is connected to an undersized existing piped conveyance system that outlets into the Foss Waterway, and the development increased impervious surfaces, a small flow control facility was provided to mitigate increased storm flows. In addition, runoff from the roof and site area did not require stormwater treatment facilities. Onsite flow control management is also provided by incorporating amended soils in landscape areas, which is a low impact development (LID) BMP.

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