Bethel School District's Transportation Center and Central Kitchen Earns Best Project of the Year

The Bethel School District Transportation and Central Kitchen has been selected as the best project of the year by the Northwest Chapter of Engineering & News Record in the category of Government and Public Buildings.

This was one of the first projects to be delivered via design-build in the state of Washington. This highly collaborative delivery method allowed the district to reduce risk and maximize value. The district had to obtain approval to utilize design-build, and they were able to justify this method because the project included unique components. These included uncommon equipment requirements as well as unique uses - the facility includes a transportation center, and a central kitchen.

Read more about AHBL’s role on this project here: http://www.ahbl.com/portfolio?s=9&id=175

Key Members of the Design-Build Team

Owner: Bethel School District

Contractor: BNB

Architect: Bassetti Architects

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