Country Homes Boulevard LID Retrofit Featured in Spokane Journal of Business

AHBL's work to provide a low impact development (LID) retrofit of Country Homes Boulevard in Spokane County is featured in the Spokane Journal of Business. Plans are underway for the Spokane County Stormwater Utility to restore the Country Homes Boulevard channel to a more natural state. AHBL is providing civil engineering and landscape architecture services for this water-quality project that involve the removal of an existing asphalt channel, replacing it with a subsurface pipe to carry flood flows, and a bioretention swale running the entire length of the nearly one mile drainage channel. The end result will allow for local infiltration of stormwater, flood mitigation, removal of pollutant generating surface, and beautification of nearly 1.5 miles of road.

The channel was originally designed to rapidly carry stormwater runoff from the 2.3-square mile Five Mile Watershed, designed at a time when less was known about the need for treatment of stormwater that finds its way to our rivers, streams and/or the aquifer. The new facility will contain a variety of plant material, including native grasses and trees with organic rich topsoil, that provide for natural treatment of stormwater runoff and reduce pollutants before water reaches these natural resources.

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