Project Receives Joint APA/PAW Award

AHBL's Complete Streets Design Guidelines project for the City of Tacoma received an APA/PAW 2010 Planning Award in the Transportation Category at the Western Planner Conference on August 10.  The project was ranked based on seven criteria in categories relating to community values, furtherance of GMA, innovative solutions, and outstanding application of planning principles.  The guidelines are the work of an interdepartmental/interagency team, with critical research, analysis, and design support from AHBL and David Evans & Associates.

The Guidelines focus on retrofitting and reallocating public right-of-way to serve multiple community goals that reach beyond transportation and contribute to urban livability.  Developing the Guidelines involved a comprehensive and systematic analysis of existing land use and public right-of-way conditions, which served as the basis for the development of a set of Complete Street typologies that illustrate how the basic principles and concepts may be applied to a variety of situations.  The project is the first comprehensive set of complete street design guidelines in the State of Washington.

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